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Senior Massage Services 

This type of chair massage is a specialized form of relaxation massage that is customized to the unique needs and preferences of seniors.

Massage creates a wonderful sense of connection and makes it ideally suited for clients that are challenged with chronic pain, stress, and a sense of isolation.


 massages are performed by Dawn, a Registered Massage Therapist, who has received comprehensive training that ensures the massage is safe, appropriate and customized for each senior client.

The massage is performed while the senior is in a seated position – on a portable massage chair, table or in a wheelchair. The client remains fully clothed throughout the 15 or 30 minute session.


Massage is particularly helpful in increasing circulation and mobility for senior clients.

Unique Features of Senior Wellness Massage:

  • Senior Wellness Massage is a “mobile” service that is brought to the client, in the convenience of their own home or residential facility.

  • Short sessions. A geriatric massage session usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes, as a longer session may be too much for an elderly person.

  • Senior Wellness Massage is often performed while the client is fully clothed and in a seated position, which enhances their overall comfort level.  Position and level of dress is decided by the comfort level of the senior.

  • Senior Wellness Massage is a gentle form of relaxation massage that provides benefits such as increased circulation and mobility, but it also has the added benefit of engaging the senior client at a compassionate level and connecting them with people around them.

  • Senior Wellness Massage is performed by certified providers that receive specialized training in communicating with the elderly and ensuring the massage is safe, appropriate and customized for each client.​

Chair Massage Benefits for Seniors Seniors 

  • Improvement of the patient's quality of life and self-esteem.

  • Improvement in length and quality of sleep.

  • Relief of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

  • Alleviation of headaches and pain.

  • Speeding up of healing from injury and illness.

  • Partial restoration of mobility lost due to Parkinson's disease, arthritis, etc.

  • Mental and physical relaxation.

  • Improvement in lymphatic flow which increases the excretion of toxic substances from the body.


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