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On Site Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is a brief, stress reducing massage given to clients in a supportive portable massage chair, which can be set up just about anywhere, including offices and boardrooms.    


Massages are performed by a registered massage therapist and techniques are applied over clothing using no oils or creams. Common areas to address in the workplace is the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

Benefits of on-site chair massage to the employees includes:

- relieves muscle tension and headaches

- reduces stress

- increases energy

-increases morale.

This, in turn, can:

- increase productivity

- reduce absenteeism

- increase company appreciation

When to use on-site chair massage?

- Employee Appreciation Events
- Corporate Wellness Events
- Corporate Luncheons
- Sales Incentive Rewards
- End of Project Incentives
- Retreats/Golf Tournaments
- VIP Events
- Meetings
- Corporate BBQ"s
- Birthdays
- Bridal Showers/Stagettes
- Ladies-Night-Out Parties

Corporate packages and individual pricing available.

  Call 780-668-7261 for rates. 


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